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Add Whiteness Enhancer for Noticably Whiter Linens

Tide® Professional Advanced


Add Tide Professional Whiteness Enhancer to Tide Professional's signature clean for 33% whiter whites for even longer lasting linens.1 Optimize your fabric care system by switching to the Tide Advanced System for savings of up to $2,6002.

4 Steps to softer, stronger, and whiter linens.

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1 Vs. leading alkaline system in 50-cycle test

2 Annual linen savings based on switching from a standard alkaline system to the Tide Professional Advanced System (Tide detergent, Clorox, Tide Whiteness Enhancer and Downy) and a 50-cycle test vs. leading alkaline system. Savings assumes the standard competitive system is priced parity with Tide Professional Everyday system (Tide Detergent, Clorox and Downy) and uses linen replacement cost data based on a study among Hospitality key decision makers in April 2014.