Four focus areas for soft, strong and white linens.

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Laundry Area
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1.Stain Removal

It is always best to pre-treat stains when they are fresh. Once a stain has been set into the fabric by the dryer, it is much more difficult to remove. Pre-treat stains with a stain remover aid.


2.Fabric Strength

It's important to protect the integrity of fabric fibers to prevent premature wear. If you're using a typical alkaline laundry system you could be breaking down your fabric fibers faster than with a non-corrosive laundry system. Keep fabric fibers strong and help extend linen life.


3.Fabric Whiteness

Are your linens old and dingy? This could affect guest satisfaction and negatively impact customer first impressions of your establishment. To save on replacement costs, use a fabric whiteness enhancer to rejuvenate the whiteness of your linens.


4.Fabric Softness

Employees and guests relate fabric softness to quality. Using a fabric softener will soften linens and improve the look and feel of linens.

Best Practices

  • Laundry

    Maintain a reasonable linen inventory by keeping a 2-4 par linen level

  • Laundry

    Properly train employees on laundry procedures

  • Laundry

    Use stain aids to immediately treat soiled linens prior to laundering

  • Laundry

    Address unique washroom conditions such as hard water, aging equipment and water temperature