Eleven focus areas for a clean and sanitary kitchen.

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Kitchen Area
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1. Ovens

It's recommended to clean ovens weekly. Make sure the oven has cooled completely before attempting to clean.


2. Degreasing

Range hoods, fryers, ovens, walls and other tough greasy surfaces need a heavy duty degreaser to clean. These areas should be cleaned as needed. Trash and grease dumpsters should be cleaned weekly.


3. Floors

Kitchen floors can be soiled by grease. Choose a floor care product that cuts tough grease and grime.


4. Coolers

Clean kitchen coolers monthly or as often as needed.


5. Freezers

Clean your walk-in or upright freezers monthly.


6. Cutting Boards

It's important to clean cutting boards frequently. At minimum, every 4 hours. Cutting boards need to be cleaned before use, before changing from one food type to another and after food handling is complete.


7. Hard Surface Cleaners

In a commercial kitchen, countertops are at the heart of the action. Protect against food cross contamination with regular disinfection and maintenance.


8. Disinfecting & Sanitizing

Prevent foodborne illnesses and kill germs that cause food poisoning by disinfecting and sanitizing surfaces in your kitchen regularly.


8. Deliming

Areas that need general deliming are sinks, around spigots and faucets. You should delime these areas as needed at closing time.


8. Dish/Pot/Pans

A main ingredient to a spotless kitchen is the right dish cleaning product. Get your dishes virtually spotless and remove stubborn grease by using a dependable product you can trust.


8. Sinks

Clean & sanitize sinks between use and throughout the day.

Helpful Hints

  • Laundry


    Wash hands and surfaces often as well as all fruits and veggies.

  • Laundry


    Use separate cutting boards, plates, and utensils for raw produce and for raw meat, poultry, seafood, and eggs.

  • Laundry


    Cook to the right temperature.

  • Laundry


    Refrigerate promptly. Illness-causing bacteria can grow in many foods within two hours unless you refrigerate them.