Philosophy and Purpose, Values and Principles (PVP)

We design sustainability and performance into all of our commercial and janitorial products through continuous innovation.

For over 184 years, P&G has been guided by its Purpose, Values, and Principles. Part of that is a commitment to improve the lives of the world's consumers, now and for generations to come.

We therefore work to design and create products that provide outstanding performance while simultaneously ensuring the highest standards of human and environmental safety.

P&G conducts ongoing assessments to improve our products and their performance. We incorporate the advice and counsel of external groups as well as our own internal experts in doing this and annually audit our performance against ambitious sustainability goals. We look to continuously improve our products across all vectors of performance.

We design products that meet the highest environmental standards.

All of the products that we make are safe for people and the environment when used as intended. We apply the same strict quality standards around the world, and ALWAYS comply with legal requirements in every market. Our products are approved by all appropriate regulatory bodies, including the US EPA.

P&G is often the benchmark for environmental testing procedures. We frequently develop techniques which are adopted by governments and NGOs around the world.

We use scientific risk assessment to evaluate safety and sustainability

P&G uses state-of-the-art risk assessment and the latest scientific knowledge as the basis of environmental and human health evaluations. Our risk based assessment is the method used by industry, EPA, and research universities. We work to ensure the safety and sustainability of every ingredient and every package throughout a product's lifecycle.

Science in the Box, a comprehensive educational site, can provide more detailed information about the science behind our brands.

We work to holistically integrate sustainability into all aspects of our products.

From formula development to packaging, from use to recycling or proper disposal, we strive to build outstanding safety and sustainability characteristics into all of our products. We constantly look for new ways to improve products and processes and avoid the use of ingredients with known issues, including non-biodegradable surfactants, extremes of pH in detergent, phosphorous/phosphates, alkyl phenol ethoxylates, and butyl cellosolve. In many cases, we have been decades ahead of others in the business cleaning industry in removing these ingredients from our products and creating safer, more sustainable alternatives.

P&G rigorously controls production—from raw material specifications to formulation management to process and quality control. Our operations are designed to protect the life, health, and environment of employees and the surrounding community.