P&G Professional Makes Commitment To Cleaning Industry With New Online Education Platform

P&G Professional launches university offering to help provide businesses with cleaning industry training, tools and insights.

P&G Professional University is a program that provides free, Web-based educational content, expert insights and training. According to Renee Buchanan, communications manager at P&G Professional, “The idea actually came from our customers telling us they needed more information, more resources. A lot of our customers have a high level of employee turnover and so they spend a lot of time training and re-training and they looked to us for help with that. And we thought, what better way to get in touch with our customers than creating an online solution that’s available 24/7, with training topics and experts. It seemed like a perfect match for us.”

Although the amount of churn in operations that hire employees at minimum wage is always high; Buchanan says that P&G Professional, which continually comes up with ideas on how to make it better, for customers, decided an online university discussing this was the answer.

“For example, we developed a course on Food Safety in the Professional Development section of the university where users can take a course on Food Safety Best Practices and then test their knowledge with a quiz. Employers can use the material found on topics like this, as well as on topics like Disinfecting or GHS Training, to make sure their employees are up to speed on the latest in industry standards.”

The company came up with the idea of hour-long training videos, available in a variety of subjects that anyone can choose from.  Buchanan says P&G Professional focused on videos because it holds attention better and “everyone, including 17-year-olds, has smart phones!”

Buchanan says the university’s goals work hand-in-hand with the company’s vision to create products that are designed for safety, efficiency and effectiveness. “Training goes right along with that. An example is Spic and Span Disinfecting All-Purpose Spray & Glass Cleaner, a product that cleans, and disinfects. We have training material that people can use that teaches them how to use it, how to disinfect, and why disinfecting is so important. It works well together, products and training.”

Along the way P&G Professional has worked to stay in-sync with the “green” movement, as well. “We have seen an upsurge in the focus on ‘green,’” Buchanan says. “P&G Professional has very clear goals on how we’re going to help the industry evolve, to attain sustainability. In terms of P&G Professional University, we have separate products that talk about this and how to keep up with the new standards, what it all means for your business.”

Buchanan says the university is drilling down on distributors. “We try to make things easy and find win-win situations for them, providing tools like P&G Professional University, and it’s a real easy way to do that because it’s free and they can offer this resource to customers, too. It gives their customers information that they requested, and it helps the distributor meet their customer needs.”

Online students take a quiz to test their learning, and if they’ve answered everything right, they get a completion certificate. “What we’ve learned overall is that video is much more engaging than a written format and the smaller snippets of time make it easier to digest and more engaging. A win-win all around.”

P&G Professional University can be accessed through www.pgpro.ca/university. The site is mobile-ready, accessible on any device, and University registration is free.