• About Green Guarantee

    About Green Guarantee

    P&G Professional's Green Guarantee is our internal certification program. See our standards and requirements for our green guarantee certification.
  • Sustainability Philosophy & Purpose

    Sustainability Philosophy & Purpose

    We design sustainability and performance into all of our commercial and janitorial products through continuous innovation.
  • Design for Environment

    Design for Environment

    For those customers seeking green cleaning products with 3rd party certification, P&G Professional is a partner in the EPA's Design for the Environment (DfE) program.
  • LEED


    Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) is the program from the Canada Green Building Council to certify that a building or community was designed to promote human and environmental health.
  • Credentials & Awards

    Credentials & Awards

    As a 175-year-old company, we believe in doing the right thing now and in the long run. Our Purpose, Values, and Principles have guided us since our founding in 1837.
  • P&G Sustainability FAQs

    P&G Sustainability FAQs

    View our most frequently asked questions related to PG Professional and our commitment to sustainability.
Green Cleaners

Eco-label Certified Concentrated Cleaning Products. Ideal for Schools, Hotels, Motels, Kitchens, Hospitals and Assisted Living Homes.

Daily Cleaners

P&G Professional Daily Cleaners Multipurpose products that get the job done right the first time. They have excellent safety profiles with regard to all forms of toxicity. P&G Professional Daily Cleaners are not formulated with butyl cellosolve or alkyl phenol ethoxylates. The concentrated products are available in closed loop packaging to prevent accidental exposure, spillage or over-use.

On-Premise Laundry

Providing outstanding cleaning and unsurpassed softness

The P&G Professional On-Premise Laundry Products do not contain phosphates or rely on harsh acid or alkalinity for laundry performance. They are not formulated with alkyl phenol ethoxylates. The fabric softener is formulated without dyes and perfumes, and our Tide system does the wash in a near neutral pH.

Floor Care

P&G Professional Floor Care Products are formulated to help extend the life of the floor finish and reduce overall environmental impact. Product durability reduces recoating, stripping, and refinishing so that you can use less finish over the life of the floor. The P&G Professional Carpet Care Program uses highly effective chemistry to minimize the number of products necessary.

Dish & Degreaser

Excellent cleaning and grease cutting from brands you trust.


Multipurpose products that get the cleaning job done right the first time.