Mike Weber PGP Expert

Mike Weber

Mike Weber is Principal Scientist, Products Research with Procter & Gamble Professional™ in Cincinnati, Ohio, and is now in a Technical & Science Liaison role, working to help maintain and develop customer relationships, with a focus on technical support. Weber, who has worked for Procter & Gamble for over 34 years, helped to develop the P&G Pro Line brand of commercial cleaners. Mike was also part of the team that developed and launched the line of 7 new floor finishes under the P&G Pro Line brand in 2011. Mike’s focus has been on in-depth consumer understanding for finished floor care, carpet care and daily cleaning, and applying this understanding towards the development of new products to better meet consumer’s needs. Mike is an experienced trainer and consultant in finished floor care, daily cleaning & disinfecting, and has published over 20 articles and care guides in numerous trade publications. Mike resides in Fairfield, Ohio and holds a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Chemical Engineering from The Ohio State University.