Here's how it works

Detergent, fabric softener, bleach and whiteness enhancer work together as a pH-neutral formula that keeps linen fibers stronger and looking like new.

Colder Temperatures

Advanced formula uses more enzymes designed for lower wash temperatures to help break down stains in colder water.3

Less Water

Innovative wash process reduces the number of fills and total water used.

If you want to see real bottom line savings, it's important to have a big-picture understanding of how your laundry room expenses break down. The Tide Professional Coldwater System not only delivers results - it delivers significant savings. 

The Tide® Professional Coldwater System is simple to use, and switching is easy too:

  • Trouble-free professional installation
  • Dedicated local service consultant measured on responsiveness, quality, compliance and customer satisfaction
  • Automatic product portioning helps avoid mistakes like overdosing and product contact
  • Color coding and lock-and-key connectors make refilling simple

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