Restroom Cleaning Checklist

Maintaining a clean restroom can be an overwhelming task. Other than facility entrances, restrooms can have more traffic than most other areas in the building. Add in their need for continuous upkeep, they quickly become the leading cleaning challenge for many business owners. Use this restroom cleaning checklist from to help manage your restroom cleanup.

  1. Create a schedule to assure restrooms are tended regularly.
  2. Post signs that specify who to contact for cleaning or to report problems.
  3. Fight odors by properly tending to floor drains, grout lines and flooring around toilets and urinals.
  4. Clean common touch points daily including light fixtures, faucets and stall handles.
  5. Use color-coded clothes to reduce transferring bacteria from one place to another. For example, use only red cloths for toilets and green for sinks.